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Has links to literary agents with online sites. Never employ an agent you have not checked out thoroughly as a member of professional organizations, as an actual seller of books to regular publishers, etc. Caveat emptor!

Professional Groups for Writers

This grey page has no links, but it lists the land mail addresses and phone numbers of a number of associations. You can always use the list as a source for names to take to your search engine.

Internet Writer's Workshop

Seriously a workshop, you must put in two items - a submission or critique of another's submission - per month, or be stricken from the lists. The suggested ratio is two or three _"crits" to each "sub." A sub in the "-L" (for long) workshops is a chapter. Naturally, no flame wars and don't say anything in a manner you wouldn't want to hear comments on your own work.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Representing the interests of professional writers since 1965, SFFWA wants published writers, but it is still a fascinating and helpful site.

SF Romance

This page is dedicated to the art of the science fiction and fantasy romance -- which includes all those time-travel things! This link will take you straight to the back issues archive.


An interesting site, once you get past the long stretches of white. The markets section is links to ON-LINE guidelines from various sorts of publishers. It does not go to publishers with web pages who do not have guidelines on-line, and of course ignores those only available by land mail. Only paying markets are listed any more, as the non-paying markets on the web are beyond count or collection.

The Write Markets Report

A very commercial site, dedicated to getting you to buy the magazine, which is half as expensive if you take the cyber version. Geared to the free-lance writer in general.

Fictech Net-E-Zine for Novelists

A very handsome site, if only they would get things to line up. There are writing exercises, creativity springboards, and a place to contact other writers, VERY useful if you want information about another part of the world.

Subgenres of Romance

This page at Romance Writers of America not only describes all the subgenres for romances, but with each it lists the names of those publishers interested in that subgenre. Then all you have to do is get their land addresses to send the S&3C (synopsis and three chapters -- let's start using a short form like we do for SASE, hm?). If you want to investigate sending your $75 to RWA, published or not, you can do it from here.

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