Renaissance and Reformation

Original Sources

1450 to 1700

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Hentzner, Paul

Travels in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth ***
Hentzner travelled Europe as a nobleman's tutor. This translates the section of his time in England, during the latter years of the reign. Too much on all the tombs and inscriptions in cathedrals, but between those very interesting views of cities and palaces, and a case of being lost while travelling at night. T3


Naunton, Sir Robert

Fragmenta Regalia ****
Written by a man of the court, it is a series of sketches of the persons and personalities of Elizabeth I and her many favorites. Very good source as to how she was never anyone's doting pawn. T2


Pepys, Samuel

The Diary of Samuel Pepys *****!
From the days of Charles II, everything a gentleman might jot down, from politics to plague, wigs to the Great Fire. Everyday life with no censorship. Incredible window on the times. T2


Raleigh, Sir Walter

The Discovery of Guiana




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The Book of Quintessence ****

The full text and translation of "The Book of Quintessence" a mid-15th century alchemical text. Bryan has a warning/disclaimer against "dabbling around in chemistry" without training in safe handling practices and hazardous substances, in which this text abounds! As he points out that, like many would-be alchemists, you, too, could wind up "hurt, crazy, or dead" from actually performing any of the operations described -- not because they're demonic, but because mercury et al rots the brain. T3


Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and HomePage*****!

"Fine Literature Digitally Republished. Since 1971 putting classic books into electronic form." You can download many texts of the time for free, each as a single big text file. Burn your own reference CD-R.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook *****!

Halsall is collecting texts in translation, and also providing links to other sites like Berkeley, so as not to duplicate effort. This huge initial page links internally and externally to a list of period works, from the late Byzantine-early Christian age to the early Renaissance. Wonderful source, attractive without glitz, many matrices of approach (eg, by a topic like women's roles or by a period). This gets bigger and better all the time.

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